Industry Advocate Spoke at Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum

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Industry Advocate Spoke at Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum

Following the success of the first forum last year, the 3D Printing forum took attendees into a deep dive around advanced applications such as direct digital manufacturing (DDM) and industry-specific solutions that redefine the manufacturing landscape.

Issue No.6, 17 Dec 2015

Message from General Manager

Stratasys – Shaping Your 3D Printing Journey

Dear Customers,

After much hard work and dedication across 2015, I am proud to update you on some of our key initiatives in Asia that have helped to bring our game-changing 3D printing technologies and latest solutions closer to you as much as possible. One of which was another successful Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum where we were especially honored to share valuable insights with well-recognized industry giants and overseas advocates and helped to shape the 3D printing landscape in Asia.

I am also glad to have set up our new Customer Advocacy Team, signifying our commitment and determination to better serve our customers. Through different support programs, we are dedicated to help our customers maximize their investments in 3D printing solutions, identify possible areas of improvements and thereby further enhance business efficiencies.

2016 will be another exciting year as we continue the momentum to drive customer-centric programs and vertical solutions. Together with our comprehensive product portfolio and well-established channel network, we are now more ready to provide an end-to-end 3D printing journey to customers in Asia. Meanwhile, I look forward to receiving valuable feedback from you through our annual customer survey, so that we can further improve our offerings to provide the best answer to the requirements of different groups. As the trusted leader in the industry, meeting your needs has always been our top priority; and we strive to support you through innovation and service excellence.

Yours sincerely,

Omer Krieger

General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan
Stratasys AP

3D Printing Advocates Shared 3D Printing Possibilities in the Manufacturing Landscape at Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum

Themed “3D Printing: Transforming the Manufacturing Landscape – Enable Organizations. Empower Individuals”, the 2015 Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum series gathered close to 3,000 industry experts, thought leaders and customers across China, Japan and Korea in late August to discuss the latest additive manufacturing trends and exchange thoughts on industry-specific solutions and application best practices.

Following the success of the first forum last year, the 3D Printing forum took attendees into a deep dive around advanced applications such as direct digital manufacturing (DDM) and industry-specific solutions that redefine the manufacturing landscape. Guest speakers including Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Hod Lipson, from Columbia University, Stratasys vertical solutions experts Richard Garrity, and industry giants such as Haier Molds, Sony EMCS, Daihatsu Copen, LG and Hyundai Mobi shared their insights of the upcoming trends and experiences on how 3D printing technologies have expedited their design and manufacturing processes, thereby accelerating product launches and maximizing business opportunities.

Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum

Manufacturing the Future – The Next Era of Globalization with 3D Printing

Stratasys Manufacturing the Future: The Next Era of Globalization with 3D PrintingUnder the globalization of manufacturing industry, three key trends – infrastructure productivity, responsive supply chains, and product lifecycle efficiency – represent tremendous opportunity. At the same time, manufacturers may encounter challenges such as logistic shortcomings, tight time schedule, etc. in the process of capturing the potential.

Download the white paper by Tyler Benster, 3D printing evangelist and researcher, to learn his views on how the future of how 3D solutions empower the manufacturing industry through various applications that would:

  • Accelerate infrastructure productivity
  • Facilitate more responsive supply chains
  • Enable efficient product lifecycle

Applications from different industries are also covered to illustrate the ROI of the 3D solutions, enabling businesses to stay competitive in today’s fast-pace environment.


Innovate to Succeed

Chinese Home Appliance Brand Accelerates Prototyping Process and Tackle Manufacturing Challenges

Qingdao-based Chinese home appliance manufacturer Haier Molds Co. Ltd (Haier Molds) produces diversified electronic appliances, such as air-conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners. To stand out from the fierce market competition, Haier Molds looked for ways to improve its R&D capacity and subsequently speed up its time-to-market.

3D printing has helped Haier Molds shorten the turnaround time of concept models and functional prototypes -- Instead of spending two days with CNC machines, engineers could build a balance ring prototype of a washing machine in 6 hours with a FDM Fortus® production system, saving up to 69% of prototyping time. In addition, the 3D printer acted as a quick fix tool to produce emergency spare parts, such as an immediate fan blade substitute before a replacement shipped three months later.

Read more about Haier Molds’ success story, and learn how 3D printing has helped the Chinese enterprise speed up new product launches and resolve crisis.

Shaping Young Hearts

Stratasys Shaping Young Hearts Case Study

3D Printed Heart Model Helps Change Grim Prognosis for 5-Year-Old Mia Gonzalez

Five-year-old Mia Gonzalez has always suffered from breathing issues which limited her ability to function as a normal child. Doctors discovered a rare heart malformation known as double aortic arch. The condition causes restricted airflow due to the entanglement of an extra vascular ring around either the trachea or the esophagus.

Dr. Redmond Burke, Director of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, and his team were faced with a difficult challenge: How could the surgical team separate the double aortic arch without causing additional harm to Mia? The solution was 3D printing.

Using Stratasys solutions, the hospital created an anatomically precise 3D model of Mia’s heart, directly from her CT scan. Burke carried the model heart in his gym bag, and when he had free minutes he would reach into the bag, feel the model, look at it, flip it over, and run through possible reconstructions in his mind. He manipulated the model as he later would Adenelie’s living heart, moving vessels around to explore possible repairs. In one of those idle moments he figured out a practical solution.

Watch Mia’s video to learn how 3D printing enabled Burke and the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital team to find out the best repair method for Mia’s heart now.

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