Show me how 3D printing is impacting

Boosting Engagement, Building Confidence

Keep students motivated and engaged. When you bring 3D printing into the curriculum, it builds critical thinking skills and confidence in STEAM subjects in an exciting and engaging way.

  • Amber Smith

    STEAM Teacher and Engineer
    Cowan Road Middle School

  • Leslie Perry

    Design Technology Teacher
    The Whitby School

  • Donna McGowan

    Technology teacher
    Nishuane Elementary

  • Amiya Herrera

    5th Grader
    PS 15 School of the Arts

“I have students who don’t do any kind of work at all, but they’ll do 3D printing. It’s engaging enough that they actually want to complete assignments and show them off. They love it.”

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grade school students working in groups on 3D printed projects

“No matter what industry you’re in, you’re using that process of improvement all the time. And (the students) are learning that in a natural and fun way.”

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grade school students working on a 3D printer

“When they get older, there’ll be much more emphasis on [3D printing]. So, exposing them while they’re still young gives them a better foundation.”

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a teacher teaching grade school students about 3d printing

“It’s very challenging sometimes, but it’s also fun in a way. It feels really rewarding when your thing gets printed and you get to take it home.”

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a teacher giving a demonstration on a computer with her grade school students

Focus on Learning, Not Logistics

Stratasys education packages make purchasing 3D printers for your school more viable and affordable. They include resource materials and support for your 3D printers.

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Stratasys AM Certification

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Partners You Can Rely On

Stratasys resellers are available to help you bring 3D printing into your classroom. They partner with you to offer the right solution for your school or lab.

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Popular 3D Printing Learning Resources for Grades K – 8

STEAM-centered Project Ideas For Your Class

Get seven 3D printing project ideas proven to boost engagement in the classroom. Help build the skills necessary for more challenging STEAM-related courses students take as they advance in school.

Easing Students Into 3D Printing With This Introductory Guide

MakerBot in the Classroom: An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design. Inspire your students to design, collaborate and create amazing things. Get access to the basics of 3D printing, resources, ideas, projects and activities that integrate 3D into your curriculum.

Teaching 3D Printing

Get over a hundred free lessons with Thingiverse Education, and join the community of like-minded educators exchanging ideas and best practices.

Project-Based Learning Modules

Download free modules developed by experienced instructors to see what technology can make possible in your classroom. Activate curiosity, creativity and engagement. Explore hands-on strategies and unlock the keys to increasing participation and engagement.

Lessons and Project Ideas

An excellent resource for teachers, we’ve created a list of lessons, project ideas and inspiration for all educational levels. 

a math problem sketched on a piece of paper
Ideas for Educators: Making Math Real

Students’ interest in mathematics decreases significantly by the time they enter high school.

One way educators can build more excitement around math is to develop lesson plans that provide tangible end results. Increasing student engagement just takes one innovative educator plus 3D printing to help learning jump off the page and into student’s hands.

grade school students working outside on the grass, collaborating on 3d printed designs

3D Printing Fuels STEAM Through Authentic Learning

Build confidence as problem-solvers while helping them think, design and build.

Students involved in 3D printing gain real-world exposure that helps them make the connection between their coursework and the STEAM fields they’re headed into.

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