The 2019
Professional’s Guide
to 3D Printing


Immerse yourself in the world of professional 3D printing
with four, easy-to-digest sections.

Each topic is accompanied by guided questions and key ideas for you to consider as you learn
about distinct technologies, applications, and use cases. Once you’ve completed the guide,
you will be equipped with the essential knowledge needed to make a smart and informed
business case for 3D printing and your organization.



Explore 3D printing technologies, identify the benefits to your organization, and discover the multitude of ways it is changing the manufacturing landscape.


Compare materials like tensile strength, impact strength and heat resistance, and get links to detailed specifications.


Learn what skills, equipment and facilities you need to support each technology in-house, and alternatives to purchasing.


See 3D printer price ranges for each technology, and learn what other factors to consider when calculating total cost of ownership.

Ready to dive in?