Case Study



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a final inning close-up of the blood, sweat and tears on a Major League pitcher’s face is priceless. “These shots are telling the story of the pitcher,” says Patrick Campbell, director of global camera operations at VER, in Glendale, California. “It’s the drama of the game. And in later innings it’s the picture of whatever’s going through the pitcher’s mind.” This key camera angle is possible only with a low camera positioned directly behind home plate. But it’s precisely this prime real estate that’s been lost in widespread ballpark renovations in recent years. With additional seats installed in this coveted position, a few season ticket holders have an exclusive corner on the view once shared with the home viewer.


VER’s camera “number one” with a wider-angle camera lens in use courtside.

"Nada disso seria praticável sem impressão 3D. Nós imprimimos quaisquer peças que podíamos, já que não queríamos enviá-las para manufatura e perder controle do tempo e da qualidade. Há um benefício real em possuir uma peça em suas mãos e avaliá-la com pouquíssimo esforço e mão de obra."

Patrick Campbell, VER