i-Tork Controls Improving the Prototyping Process


i-Tork Controls Solves Prototyping Problems With PolyJet™ Technology

Founded in 1999, i-Tork Controls specializes in designing and producing high-quality electric and pneumatic actuators. An actuator is a core mechanical device that is used to move or control a system, such as opening a valve. Designed to be compact, robust and reliable, i-Tork actuators are used in a wide range of industries, including HVAC, chemical, energy, and food and beverage. Over the years, i-Tork has successfully applied for multiple patents and built a globally acclaimed product portfolio.

To continue expanding both domestically and internationally, i-Tork needed to improve manufacturing efficiency. One of the manufacturing steps that consumed too much time was creating prototypes for new products, which was originally done via CNC machining. This was a lengthy process that involved obtaining quotes from vendors, negotiating prices, selecting a vendor, and approving designs. The back-and-forth communication was time consuming, especially when the designers and engineers needed to make changes. A whole month often passed before the first prototype was presented to the R&D department.

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Prior to 3D printing, the only way to show the internal components was to use a cutaway model.

“In general, it costs approximately KRW 1.5 million ($1,240) to outsource the production of a gearbox prototype. With the Stratasys Objet30 Pro, the maximum cost is KRW 400,000 ($330).”

Park Gyeon-seon i-Tork Controls