3D Printing Technology Helps Japanese Company Manufacture Robots that Foster Love

If you think robots have to be impersonal and mechanical, Japanese robot venture GROOVE X wants you to think again. They created “Lovot,” a cuddly family robot. With more than 50 embedded sensors, it can analyze external stimuli, exhibit a variety of cute behaviors and human-like expressions, and nurture the users’ ability to love.

However, its appearance and intricate mechanism must be in perfect unity for it to work at its best, so the prototype development process for Lovot is particularly complicated. GROOVE X couldn’t outsource prototyping because designs change quickly and contractors would always be working with outdated data. “We needed a prototype system that enables quick review of designs that evolve on a daily basis,” said Kaname Hayashi, the CEO and founder of GROOVE X.


Robots that help you learn how to love 

"With the 3D printers in our office, we can now review the designs and make adjustments in real time."

Takamitsu Ikoma - GROOVE X Product Designer