EC-Atech Quickly Customizes Toner Cartridge Prototypes with 3D Printing

EC-Atech is a Hong Kong-based original equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of toner cartridges. Achieving a high level of precision is crucial to the company because of its need to ensure that the final products do not leak ink and are free of any other printing defects. For this reason, EC-Atech strives to develop high-quality prototypes that strictly adhere to specifications, especially when it comes to fixtures.

EC-Atech used to work with a third-party manufacturer for its prototype development. To meet the strict requirements, the team often had to communicate back and forth with the client and the prototype manufacturer to customize the prototypes to the exact specifications. Besides the need for multiple revisions, the use of metal prototypes often lowered the efficiency of the process because the lead time for metal production could range anywhere from three weeks to four months. Seeing these inefficiencies, EC-Atech saw the need to streamline its workflow. With the goal of producing durable and custom-made prototypes, the company turned to Stratasys® and its FDM Technology™.

toner cartridge made with Stratasys uPrint 3D printer

“With 3D printing, we have shortened the lead time from one year to four months.”

Ng Wai Kwong - Assistant Product Manager of EC-Atech