Dassault Systemes


End-to-End Design for AM Solutions

Dassault, in partnership with Stratasys, aims to provide next-generation design tools that improve the functionality, efficiency and weight ratio of AM parts for aerospace and automotive applications. Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports Stratasys’ FDM 3D Printers and materials and works to optimize design to produce lighter-weight parts, provide strength and fatigue analysis, leading to part qualification and overall performance simulation of the 3D printed part.

With the shared vision to allow users to estimate and print parts without leaving the SOLIDWORKS environment, Dassault and Stratasys plan to produce a fully integrated, end-to-end design to AM solution, expanding the range of parts that can be confidently produced for companies like United Launch Alliance, Opel, Volvo Trucks and Daihatsu.

By fully simulating the characteristics of AM, Dassault and Stratasys’ joint solution will use less material than traditional manufacturing to produce lighter-weight parts, increase strength, project fatigue analysis and offer print process simulation to provide performance for your 3D printed FDM part.

“For additive manufacturing to reach its full potential, engineers need tools that will allow them to harness the virtually limitless geometric freedom that it provides. By fully simulating the unique characteristics of the FDM process, we’re able to bring unprecedented accuracy and speed to the design and validation process.”

Scott Berkey, Dassault Systemes