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We are reimagining what’s possible in 3D printing, reaching for new levels of realism, accuracy, speed, and performance. Learn how Stratasys innovations help the world’s leading companies gain business agility and competitive advantage.

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We help the best organizations in the world to make things better with 3D printing. In fact, we have more than 140,000 installations around the world. Through our 3D printing systems, quality materials, cloud-connected software, and service offerings, we help digitally transform the entire product development and manufacturing value chain.


Stratasys has acquired Origin.

Origin’s innovative 3D printing platform is idea for many mass production applications. Manufacturers can build parts with high throughput and accuracy, using a wide range of commercial-grade materials.


Stratasys has acquired RPS.

RPS’ Neo® line of industrial stereolithography solutions are ideal for many prototyping and tooling applications. The acquisition further expands Stratasys’ leadership in polymer-based additive manufacturing.

patient care:

Digital Anatomy transforms lives.

Seattle Children’s is turning to Stratasys Digital Anatomy to plan complex pediatric surgical procedures. Synthetic digital twins of an actual patient’s anatomy, including the specific pathology in question, is transformative. Watch how it helped Nia.


TE Connectivity scales parts production.

P3 PhotoPolymerization technology and Origin One 3D printers let TE Connectivity turn to additive manufacturing to produce new lines of connectors at volumes not possible with injection molding. The new normal in manufacturing means growth. Learn how.


On the edge of reality.

Kinetic Vision transformed beverage package design with multicolor, multimaterial PolyJet 3D printing. Learn how they save time, win business, and win over consumers with Stratasys.

manufacturing’s big moment

Three new 3D printing solutions to power your digital manufacturing.

Introducing the F770™, to print bigger for less. The Origin® One, to print more parts with remarkable accuracy and breadth of materials. The H350™, for production-scale 3D printing with complete control. Transform your entire product value chain today. Visit the virtual showroom and watch this year’s largest additive manufacturing announcement.

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