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Stratasys Strategic Consulting

Adding Value Through Additive Manufacturing

We help organizations worldwide understand and act upon the strategic opportunities created by additive manufacturing. We base our analysis on methodologies we've developed and refined over 20 years as independent consultants and industry thought leaders.

Let us help you identify and scope opportunities unique to your company and industry. We'll work with you to:

Why is Additive Manufacturing Strategic?

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are not just for prototyping anymore . As technologies and materials have improved, strategic opportunities have expanded into every area of your business. By taking a holistic look at your organization and its strategic objectives, we can create a comprehensive business case for adoption. Depending on your goals, your drivers to adoption might include:

Efficient low-volume production

Because 3D printed parts don't rely on expensive tooling, products can be customized to a specific region, customer profile or individual. Plus, print-on-demand spare parts create new opportunities to reduce inventory and eliminate downtime.

Reduced environmental impact

Without typical manufacturability constraints, industries like aerospace and automotive can produce lighter-weight parts and optimize designs for greater fuel efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint.

Increased product functionality

From heat-dissipative surfaces to embedded electronics, 3D printing can achieve greater design complexity than ever before.

Realigned supply chains

As 3D printing expands into homes and hubs around the world, we expect to see production decentralized in many industries; goods will be produced on-demand, closer to the consumer.

Personalized products

From personalized consumer electronics to patient-specific medical devices, 3D printing enables business models that foster greater customer intimacy and engagement.

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