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3D Printing Manufacturing Tools

Support lean manufacturing strategies with custom tool production

"We shrank the overall design and manufacturing cycle time from 16 to 20 weeks with traditional manufacturing, to three to five weeks with Stratasys 3D printing."

— Francois Guilbault, owner and president, Solaxis

Deliver just in time

Support lean manufacturing strategies by 3D printing manufacturing tools on demand. Custom tools built directly from CAD can be ready for use in as little as a day.

Read the six ways 3D printing can optimize production.

Reduce tooling costs & risks

Validate tools, processes and end products more thoroughly to avoid costly errors that lead to waste, scrap, rework, and retooling.

See how 3D printing is lowering tool-production costs in the auto industry.

Eliminate design constraints

Create the perfect tool for the job, even if it's hollow, contoured, customized or otherwise too complex for traditional tool-production processes like CNC machining.

Learn how BMW improved their handheld assembly tools.

By 3D printing their manufacturing tools, organizations gain the agility to embrace customization, respond quickly to market changes, and shrink the cost and risk associated with traditional tool production.

Jigs and Fixtures

Manufacturing Aids Image

Customize everything from work-holding devices to test-fixture components, and optimize for lighter weight, better ergonomics, easier assembly or greater productivity.

Learn more about 3D printing jigs and fixtures

Composite tooling

Composite Tooling Image

3D print cost-effective, high-temperature, custom tools in days — instead of the weeks or months required for traditional tooling processes.

Learn more about 3D printing composite tooling



Shorten development time and reduce risk by testing and validating molded parts using your final production processes and materials. Learn about 3D printing:

Injection molds

Blow molds

Liquid silicone rubber molds

Forming tools

Metal Forming

Start pilot or low-volume production sooner. Forming tools can be 3D printed directly from CAD data with strong, heat-resistant materials. Learn about 3D printing:

Metal forming tools

Thermoforming tools

Casting masters

Sand Casting Image

3D print accurate casting patterns faster and at a lower cost than machining. Increase pattern complexity without adding cost. Learn about 3D printing:

Investment casting masters

Sand casting masters

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