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Digital Manufacturing

Augment and accelerate traditional manufacturing processes and production with additive manufacturing.

Digital Manufacturing is a manufacturing process which complements traditional production processes. By enabling you to produce prototypes, tools and final parts directly from CAD data, digital manufacturing fosters dramatic reductions in delivery times and production costs while improving overall product quality.

Stratasys brings to your production facility a wealth of manufacturing expertise. Working with top tier companies the world over gives us a unique insight into a wide variety of specialized manufacturing solutions for key industries. Committed to your success, we are ready to help you add value to your existing manufacturing operations and discover exciting new business opportunities.

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ACS Case Study Thumbnail

Advanced Composite Structures (ACS)

Additive Manufacturing cut tooling cost and lead time to Produce Composite Parts.

“Moving from traditional methods involving CNC machining to producing composite tooling with FDM has helped us substantially improve our competitive position.”
— Bruce Anning, owner, ACS

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Piper Aircraft Case Study Thumbnail

Piper Aircraft

Hydroforming tooling reduces the cost and lead time of building a personal jet.

“I can program an FDM part in 10 minutes while a typical CNC program takes four hours to write.”
— Jacob Allenbaugh, Manufacturing Engineer, Piper Aircraft

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Digital Mechanics AB Case Study Thumbnail

Digital Mechanics AB

Robotic gripper production blurs line between prototyping and manufacturing.

"Direct digital manufacturing has become a key revenue stream and competitive differentiator for our business."
— Fredrik Finnberg, Digital Mechanics AB

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Oreck Case Study Thumbnail


Optimizing factory floor efficiency with FDM technology.

"With some traditional fixture projects costing over $100,000, the savings can be substantial."
— Bill Fish, Oreck

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BMW Case Study Thumbnail


3D printing assembly fixtures.

“FDM is taking on increasing importance as an alternative manufacturing method for components made in small numbers.”
— Gьnter Schmid, BMW

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White Papers

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3D printing jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing tools

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Production floor trends

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Is now the time to try Direct Digital Manufacturing

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Direct digital manufacturing part four:
industries and applications

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Direct digital manufacturing part three:
How to identify opportunities

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Tools Without Tooling

3D printed tools, molds and tool masters add a new layer of cost efficiency and flexibility to the factory floor. Not only can you cost-effectively produce tools for prototype testing and manufacturing low volumes of final parts, you can create made-to-order assembly tools customized for each task. In addition, you can create a leaner manufacturing environment, enabling quick production of tools, when and where they’re needed to speed the manufacturing process and reduce costs.

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jigs and fixtures icon

Jigs & Fixtures

Optimized assembly tools, made to order

Improve manufacturing efficiency with job-specific jigs and assembly fixtures, 3D printed on demand in just hours. 3D printing tools directly from CAD data, on-demand, saves time, lowers costs and reduces inventory requirements. In addition, you can easily create customized lightweight, ergonomic tools that increase workflow efficiency.

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injection molds icon

Injection Molding

3D printed Injection molds

Imagine producing injection molds without costly CNC tools. With Stratasys thermoplastics and photopolymers, you can quickly 3D print injection molds to evaluate prototype parts or produce low volumes of end use parts. This is especially useful to test the design, fit and function of products before mass production. If changes are required, new mold iterations can be 3D printed in just a few hours at minimal cost.

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finished goods icon

End-use Parts

3D print customized, low volume durable parts with fine details and smooth surface finishes

Stratasys additive manufacturing enables you to 3D print strong, functional final parts on demand directly from CAD data. Because the part is created digitally layer by layer, complex geometries and sophisticated features that would be difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods are now easily achieved with Stratasys additive manufacturing. Producing end use parts with Stratasys technology not only dramatically reduces your production costs and delivery times, it also reduces inventory while creating exciting new supply chain efficiencies and new business models.

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Whale Video Thumbnail

Whale cuts lead time by 97% with 3D printed injection molds.

3D printing of molds saves time and drastically reduces costs when compared to metal tooling.

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Seuffer Video Thumbnail

Seuffer cuts tooling cost for prototype parts by 97%, lead time by 98%.

3D printed injection molds used to produce parts for functional testing in their final material.

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Rutland Video Thumbnail

Rutland Plastics producing directly prints molds as well as rapid prototyping end products.

Rutland Plastics are adopting additive manufacturing to produce manufacturing tools in a fraction of the time and cost required by conventional tooling methods.

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Diversified Plastics Video Thumbnail

3D printed injections save time and money for Diversified Plastics.

3D printed injection molds used to produce new product prototypes from final production material.

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Blow Molding Video Thumbnail

Cost effective blow mold prototypes with additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing makes prototyping a viable option to produce cost-effective blow molds.

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