White Paper:
Precision Prototyping

The role of 3D printed molds in
the injection molding industry

Take functional testing to a new level by creating prototypes
using the process and materials as your final product.

Injection mold design, an art in itself, requires years of experience and a deep understanding of the injection molding process. Although the design considerations for creating and using a PolyJet mold are fundamentally the same as traditionally crafted molds, there are some differences.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Material selection for both the mold inserts and
    your parts
  • Best practices for successful design, production,
    fit and finishing
  • Field testing results using PolyJet technology

Download the White Paper


Optimal Quantity of Parts

Material Used to Produce Prototype

Average Mold Cost

Average Cost/Part

Average Cost/Part

Machine Milling 1-100 Thermoplastic N/A High Medium
Silicone Molding 5-100 Thermoset Low Medium Medium
Injection molding using
PolyJet 3D printed mold
10-100 Thermoplastic Low Medium Medium
Injection molding using
Soft Tools
100-20,000+ Thermoplastic High Low Very low

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