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Orthodontics and 3D Printing

Achieve optimal performance
through digitalization

Learn how digital dentistry is helping orthodontic labs
achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Forward-thinking orthodontic labs are finding ways to optimize their businesses and dental offerings through digital orthodontic dentistry. This paper will demonstrate the benefits of digitalization and 3D printing in orthodontics, and provide a case study of how a one lab is reaping the rewards.

In this white paper, we discuss:

  • Digital process, including 3D printing
  • Digital storage solutions
  • MidLyne Orthodontic Laboratory's success

“The technology allows us...to virtually remove braces and fabricate the retainer. This way the patient can have the braces removed and their retainer fit on the same appointment.”
— Cory Meschke, owner, MidLyne Orthodontic Laboratory

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