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Is Now the Time to Try Direct Digital Manufacturing?

Reap major savings with this
growing trend

Additive manufacturing is recognized as an effective rapid prototyping technology, but it also offers significant advantages in the creation of production parts, jigs and fixtures and manufacturing tools. Its application in the production of usable goods, a process referred to as direct digital manufacturing, eliminates the waste and inefficiencies of conventional manufacturing. As more companies adopt it, the question becomes whether your business can afford to ignore this growing trend to stay competitive.

Download the white paper to determine if the time is right to adopt direct digital manufacturing, with information that
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  • Understand the process/technology distinction
  • Discover the advantages that distinguish it from traditional manufacturing
  • Recognize its diverse applications

Scott Crump
Chairman of the executive committee and chief innovation officer, Stratasys

S. Scott Crump has served as Chairman of the Executive Committee since February 2015 and Chief Innovation Officer since February 2013. Prior to that he has served as Chairman of the Board since the Stratasys-Objet merger and previously served as Chief Executive Officer, President, Treasurer and a director of Stratasys, Inc. from its inception in 1988 until the Stratasys-Objet merger, and as Chief Financial Officer of Stratasys from February 1990 to May 1997. Mr. Crump was, with Lisa H. Crump, his wife, a co-founder of Stratasys, Inc., and he is the inventor of Stratasys FDM Technology.

Mr. Crump holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Washington State University.

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