Jigs and fixtures FDM

The Value of FDM
Jigs & Fixtures

Who, What, Where, When & Why

Manufacturing relies on tools including jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges to maintain quality and production efficiency. By using FDM technology to produce jigs & fixtures, the traditional fabrication process is substantially simplified; tool-making becomes less expensive and time consuming. As a result, manufacturers realize immediate improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality.

The Value of FDM Jigs & Fixtures: Who, What, Where, When & Why

The Value of FDM Jigs & Fixtures

What You'll Learn

In this webinar 40-minute, you’ll see how 3D printing jigs & fixtures using
FDM technology can help streamline your manufacturing environment.

  • Who can benefit from FDM jigs & fixtures
  • FDM’s role in producing manufacturing tools
  • Traditional processes for making jigs and fixtures vs. the FDM process
  • Where FDM fits best
  • How other companies are using FDM jigs and fixtures
  • How you can start seeing the value in your organization

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineering managers & directors
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Operations managers
  • Design engineers
  • Machine shop supervisors
  • Machinists
  • Assembly supervisors

Presented By

Rob Winker
Corporate FDM Applications Manager, Stratasys