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The Value of 3D Printing in the Dental Lab at Precision Ceramics

Value of 3D Printing for Dental Webinar

3D printing plays a valuable role in the dental lab at Precision Ceramics. With 3D printing becoming more common in the dental industry, the lab purchased an Objet Eden260V 3D printer from Stratasys. The 3D printer’s versatility quickly had a significant impact on the lab’s workflow: Precision Ceramics saved valuable time and money printing its own models, surgical guides, anatomical models, partial denture frameworks and more. The 3D printer also enabled the company to 3D print verification jigs that are approved for in-mouth use to check on fit, form and function before approving the final product. Much more than a helpful aid, 3D printing in the dental lab has become a vital tool.

What you will learn:

  • How 3D printing works in the dental laboratory setting
  • What applications work best with the Objet Eden260V
  • The many ways in which 3D printing can help streamline workflow in the lab
  • What it takes to maintain a 3D printer

Presenters: Mark Jackson, Precision Ceramics and Jeff Youngerman, Stratasys

Duration: 45 minutes