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How 3D Printing Benefits Surgical Device Design

Stratasys webinar - surgical devices

Presented By

Susan York, National Field Manager for Materials, Stratasys

Gareth S. Hearn, Innovation Engineer, Institute for Surgical Advancement

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how 3D printing is impacting the medical field
  • Learn how multiple-durometer material capabilities, combined with large build envelopes, help engineers optimize concept designs and speed product verification
  • Discover how to properly determine your surgical device prototyping needs

Who Should Attend

  • University Research Associates
  • Medical Design Technicians
  • Medical Education Professionals
  • Medical Device Engineers
  • Medical Device Validation Labs
  • R&D Professionals


45 minutes

The medical industry has always thrived on innovation. With 3D printing, new medical device designs, training aids, and other ideas to improve patient care are possible. In this webinar you will learn how Florida Hospital’s Institute for Surgical Advancement is using Connex 3D Printing technology from Stratasys to develop better and more efficient surgical devices.

Connex multi-material 3D printing gives engineers and physicians the ability to simulate diverse mechanical and physical properties with materials from rubber to rigid and opaque to transparent. More than 100 different materials and a large build envelope allow virtually endless possibilities for true product realism.

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