Jigs and Fixtures Poly

Fast, On-Demand Jig & Fixture Production With PolyJet

Make your operation more efficient and productive by using 3D printing to make jigs and fixtures instead of traditional manufacturing methods.

In this webinar you’ll see how PolyJet technology makes jig and fixture production easier and faster than conventional methods, allowing you to make and use more of them.

Fast, On-Demand Jig & Fixture Production With PolyJet

PolyJet Jigs and Fixtures Webinar

What You'll Learn

In this free 30-minute webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Who can benefit from PolyJet jigs and fixtures
  • PolyJet's role in streamlining jig and fixture creation
  • Comparison between conventional and PolyJet manufacturing methods
  • Where PolyJet jigs and fixtures are a best fit
  • How other companies have benefitted

Who Should Attend?

  • Manufacturing and production managers & engineers
  • Engineering managers & directors
  • Tooling designers and producers
  • Design engineers
  • Machine shop supervisors
  • Machinists
  • Assembly supervisors

Presented By

Hila Desheh,
PolyJet applications engineer