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Advancing Medical Education

UCF’s Jack Stubbs on the promise of clinical training models

Watch the presentation, originally shared live at HIMSS16.

Advancing Medical Education

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Can 3D printing create new medical training experiences?

3D printing’s potential to enhance medical training and education is compelling. Jack Stubbs of the University of Central Florida looks to the future in this 20-minute video presentation sharing:

  • How 3D printing accessibility can boost innovation across disciplines
  • Enhancing feedback by embedding sensors into models
  • Video from a U.S. Army collaboration using lifelike human models for intubation training, with realistic soft tissue, visual scope output and pressure sensor output
  • How his team combined real human scans including CT, MR and optical to create a complete, customizable model from the inside out The presentation, originally shared live at HIMSS16, is now available online.