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3D Printing Project Ideas

Whether or not your students have access to a 3D printer, you can use these video project ideas to encourage creativity and sharpen students’ 3D design skills. For a more exciting challenge, make it a friendly competition.

Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap With a 3D Printing Curriculum

This solution brief explores 3D printing solutions that prepares students for the technical workforce and highlights schools that are using the technology.

3D Printing Packages for Education

We’ve structured our education packages so they’re easy to buy and easy to use, so you can focus on what really matters.

4D Printing Project

In a collaboration between MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and Stratasys education and R&D departments, a new process called 4D printing is being developed.

3D Printing Project-Based Learning Modules

Get a jump start on adding 3D printing technology to your classroom.

Download the Curriculum

Access everything you need to teach a dynamic course in 3D printing.

Successful STLs for 3D Printing

Avoid common mistakes and increase productivity with this guide on optimizing your STL files. Topics include creating watertight models and editing at the STL stage without reverting to CAD.

3D Printing From Adobe Photoshop CC

If your students already know Photoshop, it’s a great place to start 3D printing. This guide contains tips on when and how 3D printing can be useful for artists and designers, plus step-by-step instructions.

3D Print Using Medical Scan Data

Create realistic models based on patient scans by converting DICOM data into 3D printable files. Educators and researchers can recreate the complexity of any disease, abnormal anatomy or variation that might occur in real patients. Models can be 3D printed onsite or sent to a service bureau.

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