In automotive racing, Team Penske is synonymous with winning. Their legacy has been forged by the leadership of founder Roger Penske and a team of individuals and partners dedicated to producing champions. Hundreds of race wins, pole positions and scores of national championships accentuate their commitment to excellence. But for Team Penske, achieving that kind of performance means constantly asking how things can be done better, and technology is a cornerstone of that cause.

“Technology plays a big role in racing today.” Those are the words of Team Penske president, Tim Cindric. According to Cindric, technology isn’t invented at the racetrack but rather, it’s demonstrated there. One technology that Team Penske has fully embraced is additive manufacturing. Using Stratasys 3D printing solutions, Team Penske turns ideas into racetrack reality much more quickly than previously possible.


A Team Penske race car.

“Typically, all of our competitors end up with the same solution at some point in time. But we need to be on to the next solution, and Stratasys helps us get to the next solution quicker.”

Tim Cindric, Team Penske