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3D printing curriculum, project ideas and lesson guides

Access free curriculum materials, project plans and lesson ideas to prepare your students for careers being transformed by 3D printing.

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Successful STL Files for 3D Printing

Avoid common mistakes and increase productivity with this guide on optimizing your STL files. Topics include creating watertight models and editing at the STL stage without reverting to CAD.

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3D Print From Adobe Photoshop CC

If your students already know Photoshop, it’s a great place to start 3D printing. This guide contains tips on when and how 3D printing can be useful for artists and designers, plus step-by-step instructions.

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3D Print Using Medical Scan Data

Create realistic models based on patient scans by converting DICOM data into 3D printable files. Educators and researchers can recreate the complexity of any disease, abnormal anatomy or variation that might occur in real patients. Models can be 3D printed onsite or sent to a service bureau.

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Lessons and Project Ideas

Get outstanding teaching and learning resources to help you get more educational value from any 3D printer.

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Semester-long Curriculum

Combining in-depth lectures and class discussions with exciting hands-on projects, your students will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to take advantage of 3D printing technology in the real world.

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3D Printing Modules

By making abstract concepts tangible and real, 3D printing can help you improve comprehension and boost student engagement. Download a free module developed by experienced instructors, and get a jump start on integrating this exciting technology into your classroom.

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Project Idea Videos

Whether or not your students have access to a 3D printer, you can use these video project ideas to encourage creativity and sharpen students’ 3D design skills. For a more exciting challenge, make it a friendly competition.

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MakerBot in the Classroom

Empower your students to design, collaborate and create amazing things you never thought possible with MakerBot in the Classroom: An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design. Packed with resources, MakerBot in the Classroom gives you the basics of 3D printing and design, as well as ideas, projects and activities for integrating 3D printers into your curriculum.

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