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Objet Enhances Mechanical Engineering Research and Education at Chienkuo Technology University

“We required a 3D printing system that would enable us to better educate our students about rapid prototyping and prepare them for their chosen careers. The Objet Eden250 suits our needs perfectly.”

— Mao Tso-Fei, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, ChienKuo Technology Univ.

3D Printed Part and Printer

Experience is the Best Teacher

Today’s university students require an education that offers the best possible entry into the job market, and the Mechanical Engineering Department at ChienKuo Technology University is doing what it can to meet that need. The department sought a rapid prototyping solution that would provide students with hands-on, practical experience, and also generate income by enabling the department to offer corporations cost-effective rapid prototyping services.

The department was not satisfied with its previous rapid prototyping solution, as it required a great deal of post-processing. Finding an affordable 3D printer that could print in high quality and with fine details was a priority. At the same time, the department also needed a research solution that would enable students to learn how to quickly move from the initial design stage through the model stage, and gain a better understanding of rapid prototyping theory.

Objet Eden250 3D Printer meets educational and commercial needs

Chienkuo Tech 3D Printed part

The department evaluated several rapid prototyping solutions before deciding on Objet Eden250 3D printing system. The team was pleased with the high level of quality and detail, the versatility to print with different materials that have varying Shore values, as well as the fit and form of the prototypes produced by the Objet Eden250. The 3D printer has also opened the way to enhanced educational and research opportunities for the department’s students.

“The Objet Eden250 3D printing system ensures that the models we produce have smooth surfaces and very fine details,” said Mao Tso-Fei, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, ChienKuo Technology University”. In addition, the system’s user-friendliness allows us to provide our students with a positive learning experience.”

Since adopting the Objet solution, cooperation with outside enterprises has grown by 20%. As a result, students now have greater opportunities to gain practical experience as they are able to create the prototypes requested by the enterprises. This enables the students to finish their studies and embark on their chosen professional path with better career prospects.

“As a department within a university system, our job is to provide the best education possible to our students, and Objet’s Eden250 allows us to do so on a variety of levels,” notes Mao Tso-Fei. “Providing commercial rapid prototyping services to companies allows us to offer our students a more comprehensive learning experience, both through the practical application of theories taught in class and through the added income that these services generate. The Objet Eden250 is definitely the right 3D printer for all our needs!”

“Objet Eden250 has allowed our department to take our student’s rapid prototyping learning experience to a whole new level”.

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