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Bishop Strachan

Dimension Sparks Excitement Within School’s Technology Program

“In the end, other systems lacked Dimension’s dynamic capabilities. Its impeccably clean process and power to produce complex shapes made Dimension our obvious choice.”
— Robert Steadman Applied Science and Design Technology Program Leader, The Bishop Strachan School


The Bishop Strachan School prides itself on exposing students to its design technology program early on in their academic careers. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the K-12 all girls school starts teaching the basics of sketching and building as early as kindergarten and the curriculum continues through junior year, when the physics students use computer aided design (CAD) software on projects that are later presented to professional engineers.

Prior to using the Dimension 3D Printer, students struggled to bring their designs to life by hand. “The project designs became extremely limited due to the labour, materials and experience necessary to build hand made models,” recalls Robert Steadman, Applied Science and Design Technology Program Leader. With this in mind, Steadman became intrigued by 3D printing after seeing a demonstration at the International Technology Educators Conference. When he brought the idea of implementing a 3D printer back to school administrators, his excitement became contagious.

The Dimension Solution

Shortly after the Bishop Strachan School began its search for a 3D printer, Dimension became the obvious choice. “The opportunity for the girls to produce working models of their projects was imperative,” Steadman said. “In the end, other systems lacked Dimension’s dynamic capabilities. Its impeccably clean process and power to produce complex shapes made Dimension our obvious choice.”

“When students see their designs come to life, motivation becomes a non-issue,” Steadman noted. Starting in 7th grade, students become exposed to the Dimension 3D Printer. By the 11th grade, physics students have substantial interaction with the machine, using it to design their final projects.

“Our initial objective for purchasing the Dimension 3D printer was to reduce design limitations that occur in handmade projects. Yet the students’ new found excitement for CAD became our greatest reward,” Steadman stated. “We strongly recommend Dimension to any school that’s considering a 3D printer. Each time a student is able to see their ideas come to life, it’s proof that our decision to purchase a Dimension 3D printer was the right one.”

Creating an advantage for students and schools

Dimension 3D Printers provide an affordable, easy to maintain, one-step process for students and instructors to explore concepts in durable ABS plastic. Dimension 3D Printers are helping high schools, technical colleges and universities extend their science, CAD and machine tool curriculums by enabling students to build functional models and see their ideas first hand.

Innovative designers, engineers, architects and manufacturers consider prototyping a critical step of the design process. As the use of CAD and 3D printing increases throughout the design process, understanding this technology is critical for design students. With a Dimension 3D Printer, students and educators can now easily bring design ideas to life in ABSplastic - right from a CAD file.

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