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OxySure Systems, Inc.

OxySure Improves Design Process With Dimension

“It’s like the difference between a hand written letter and a face-to-face conversation. Details that are too cumbersome to be described in writing can be seen and understood in an instant. This comes into play not only in the design phase, but in demonstrating the models to potential customers.”
— Steve Dunford Senior Engineer, OxySure


Texas based OxySure Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes portable oxygen generators for emergency use. The company's patented technology provides non-pressurized oxygen delivery systems that are safe, light weight and inexpensive. OxySure's products improve access to lifesaving emergency oxygen during the critical gap between the onset of an emergency and the arrival of an emergency medical team.

Prior to purchasing the Dimension system, OxySure ordered its models from a service bureau. As the number of models generated by its design team rose, OxySure needed to address corresponding increases in design costs and turnaround times.

The Dimension Solution

OxySure sought a cost-effective, in-house 3D printing solution that required minimal training. Since the introduction of the Dimension system into OxySure's design process, Steve Dunford, senior engineer, estimates that the cost per part produced, including overhead, is at least 50 percent less than it was when the company relied on the service bureau. "The Dimension system has significantly reduced our turnaround time without compromising our strength and resolution expectations," Dunford added.

OxySure engineers regularly send parts generated by the Dimension system to injection molders, who make production parts for assembly. "Again, the physical model is really a timesaver. Some design issues just can't be adequately communicated over the phone. Providing the injection molders 3D models has resulted in reduced cycle times for tool design," Dunford said.

Going forward, Dunford sees the Dimension system as an important aid to innovation at OxySure. "The Dimension system gives our talented design team a low-cost tool to express, test and rework their creative ideas into the next generation of oxygen delivery."

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