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Kingstar speeds remote control car development with PolyJet technology

"The speed of the Objet Eden500V is really amazing. From the moment we installed it in-house, it hasn't stopped printing"

— Alan Kuo, Kingstar


Material strength and finish from the Objet Eden500V let Kingstar create tough, realistic prototypes


The Objet Eden500V’s large build tray allows Kingstar to 3D print large items in one build.


Kingstar can get its products to market 10 to 15 percent faster using its 3D printer.

Fast Track

Based in Taiwan, Kingstar is Asia’s largest manufacturer of professional remote control cars. In a market characterized by very short product life cycles, and with 65 percent of the competitors also located in Taiwan, Kingstar’s research and development (R&D) team is under constant pressure to maintain high productivity and respond quickly with new product launches. At the same time, Kingstar must set itself apart from the competition by constantly delivering high-quality remote control cars targeted at the mid- to upper-level market segments.

To keep up with market demands, Kingstar’s R&D department needed to produce remote control car prototypes, verify new designs and get feedback from customers very quickly. “We used to go to a service bureau to produce prototypes, but it was far from efficient, and the cost was prohibitive,” said Alan Kuo, vice general manager at Kingstar. “With our business developing quickly, we had to find a better solution.”

Kingstar purchased an Objet Eden500V 3D Printer to handle its diverse requirements – not only for speed, but also for larger car prototypes. With a big build tray of 500 x 400 x 200 mm (19.7 x 15.7 x 7.9 in), the Objet Eden500V can print big parts in a single build, with no need for gluing. It also enables simultaneous printing of multiple parts on a single build tray. Super-high productivity, with at least 72 hours of non-stop build capacity, enables unattended operation across an entire weekend. Producing models with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish, the Objet Eden500V perfectly addressed Kingstar’s strict quality requirements.

Material Strength

“Before we selected the Objet 3D Printer, we examined several other rapid prototyping technologies,” said Kuo. “Strength seemed to be the common limitation. The Objet Eden 3D Printer was the only solution that met all of our expectations for form and material strength. And, equally important, unlike other rapid prototyping technologies, it produces high-quality models.”

The Objet Eden500V’s material strength enables Kingstar to use prototypes as working samples and collect feedback from customers. Kingstar’s R&D engineers can 3D print many highly detailed, small car parts with the 3D printer. Featuring smooth surfaces, these parts can be assembled later into full prototypes for modeling and design verification.

Kingstar has also reduced production errors, significantly enhanced efficiency and delivered valuable time savings. Kuo estimates that Kingstar’s time to market improved by 10 to 15 percent, with additional future savings predicted.

“We examined several other rapid prototyping solutions,” he said, “but only the Objet 3D Printer delivered the speed, fine details and high quality we needed. The speed of the printer is really amazing. From the moment we installed it in-house, it hasn’t stopped printing.”

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