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Bravilor Bonamat

Bravilor Bonamat Brews Up Functional Models

“We considered other 3D printer technologies, but were extremely pleased with the ease-of-use of the Dimension SST. It’s just as easy-to-use, clean, quiet and safe as any paper printer that sits in a company’s office.”
— Eric van Eijnatten Senior Product Engineer, Bravilor Bonamat


When coffee lovers in Europe think quality, they think Bravilor Bonamat. Based in the Netherlands, Bravilor Bonamat is Europe's leading manufacturer of filter, instant and fresh brew coffee machines for commercial use. For more than 55 years, the family-owned company has placed a premium on innovative, userfriendly design concepts that have helped the company distinguish itself in the marketplace.

The company's twenty-person design team frequently works under tight deadlines to bring a product from an initial design concept to reality. And it's no wonder, with more than 50 new product development projects annually, the team is under intense pressure to consistently deliver high quality products that customers have come to associate with the beverage machine manufacturer.

For many years, the design team was accustomed to sending its computer aided drawings to a service provider that would take days, and often weeks, to deliver a model that the design and engineering teams could work with to analyze functionality, quality and aesthetic characteristics. Costs for these services were substantial, and timeliness was a critical factor.

The Dimension Solution:

With Dimension SST, the design team can now focus on testing more in the design stages, which gives them a better chance of getting it right the first time. This ultimately saves the company a great deal of time and money by eliminating unnecessary redesign and development efforts.

Bravilor Bonamat selected Dimension SST®, which incorporates an automated soluble support removal system, which gives users greater convenience in the design process by reducing engineering time and enabling the development of prototypes with more complex design geometries.

"The Dimension printer has impressed everyone in the company because of the way it allows our design team to more effectively deliver innovative products that benefit our customers. We are very enthusiastic about the Dimension SST," said Eric van Eijnatten, Senior Product Engineer for Bravilor Bonamat.

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