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Arctic Spas

Test Parts That Take Real Life Pressure

“Dimension has really changed the way our company approaches the design process...”
— Pete Van’t Hoff CAD Manager, Arctic Spas


Arctic Spas manufactures high quality spas engineered to perform in the world's harshest climates. The company's award-winning designs and cutting-edge technology have helped Arctic Spas become one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada.

Arctic Spas' innovative line of products are composed of everything from jets and valves to unions and fittings, and until recently, the company relied upon outside service bureaus to create part designs and models for testing. The process was not only time-consuming and costly, but posed potential competitive risks with new design ideas leaving company walls.

The Dimension Solution:

Arctic Spas 1

Dimension has helped improve communications between Arctic Spa and its manufacturers, as well as provided the company additional peace of mind before molds are made for final part production. "When you give someone a part to hold in their hands, there's no confusion. Molds can cost up to $25,000, and with Dimension, we know we have an accurate model before beginning that stage of the development process," notes Arctic Spas' CAD department manager Pete Van't Hoff.

"I can create the actual part using Dimension, throw it in the tub and test it for real. Rather than relying on expensive outside vendors to produce models in a matter of days, we can produce models inhouse and have them in the water within hours, saving us time and money." adds Van't Hoff.

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