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Xerox Networking

"The team bought into Dimension because it means we can prove designs more quickly."

— Peter Keilty, Facility Manager, Xerox

In just two months their Dimension 3D Printer earned its keep builsing 254 parts, operating 12 hours a day, seven days a week with utilization at around 70 percent. Now, initial skeptics are asking for a second machine.

Xerox Limited produces new-generation printers, copiers, multifunction devices and document centres. 350 engineers develop design solutions for manufacturing relating to the paper system such as paper trays, feeder parts, access handles for jam clearance areas, moulding with clip features, and draw fronts.

The Xerox design team looked to the Dimension 3D Printer to help improve their efficiency at producing prototype parts by moving away from the traditional 'machining' function and moving more cuttingedge 3D printing equipment in house. With the cost and functionality of the Dimension 3D Printer, the design team no longer needed external agents in the prototype design process of moulded components – a change that has subsequently shown significant time as well as cost savings.

The Dimension Solution

Xerox 2

In a potentially challenging situation, the Xerox team in the UK became the integration site for a partner company in Toronto, Canada. The Dimension 3D Printer had just arrived at Xerox in the UK. In this scenario, parts needed to be refined quickly, and with Dimension technology at the ready, the UK team came to the rescue. Toronto simply sent files over to the UK on Friday where all the prototypes were generated as fast as the following Monday morning.

According to Peter Keilty, facility manager at Xerox headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, England, "capitalizing on dead time gave us a significant advantage, and having the ability to produce the parts overnight when everyone was asleep saved the day. Thinking bigger picture – time to market has been reduced and Dimension has played a significant part in that."

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