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Sanchuan perfects water meters with Objet30 Pro 3D Printer

“The high quality of the Objet30 Pro, combined with its affordable price, perfectly fit our needs and budget.”

— Mr. Luo
Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meters Co., Ltd.


Sanchuan chose the Objet30 Pro in part for its ability to prototype accurate snapfit assemblies of water meters.


The durable material used by the Objet30 Pro was another selling point for Sanchuan.

Going with the flow

Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meters Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of water metering systems and pipe fitting components for residential, industrial and agricultural markets. Sanchuan offers a wide range of advanced products that enable customers to precisely supervise and control water flow.

In manufacturing its diverse water meters, Sanchuan uses numerous small parts, all of which must fit together with absolute precision. During the design verification process, several parts are assembled together for functional testing.

“In the past, we outsourced modeling to a service bureau, which involved a lengthy communication process,” explains Mr. Luo, head of Sanchuan’s technical center. “Often we ended up with model parts that could not be fitted and snapped together due to lack of precision and missing details.”

Improved Functional Testing

Sanchuan selected the Objet30 ProTM 3D Printer, because it met the company’s requirements for durable, finely detailed prototypes while also addressing its budgetary constraints. “We found that the quality and price of the Objet30 Pro was very attractive,” says Mr. Luo.

The Objet30 Pro 3D Printer excels in printing precise models for functional, fit and form testing. It produces smooth, accurate and highly-detailed parts, enabling accurate snapfit assembly of the water meter models. The model material used by the Objet30 Pro is strong enough to support multiple rounds of functional testing. This enables Sanchuan to verify that parts will perform as intended even before they manufacture a final product.

Prototypes Within One Day

Compared to the two to three day outsourcing process, Sanchuan now produces samples and completes testing within a day. “Using the Objet30 Pro 3D Printer we verify designs much faster, including any required changes,” Mr. Luo said. “We have also dramatically improved both our internal and external design communications.”

By enabling Sanchuan to print multiple small model parts in-house, the Objet30 Pro has reduced prototyping costs. At the same time, it has enabled the company’s design teams to perform more prototyping and testing cycles, increasing quality and eliminating production errors.

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