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Cockpit Display Quickly Takes Off

"ABS parts fit together so well, we went directly into production - with no design changes."

— Troy Takach, CEO, Parvus Corporation


Parvus 1

Parvus Corporation designs and produces embedded communication, control, and interface electronics for OEMs. To simplify model generation and reduce design time in developing a flat-panel LCD cockpit display for Boeing's 737 (900), Parvus engineers used a Dimension 3D Printer to build model parts.

Building model parts with a Dimension 3D Printer helped Parvus reduce the need for experienced CAM engineers and CNC mill production capacity. Product design time was reduced from an estimated five weeks to just one week. The Dimension 3D Printer helped Parvus expand its engineering capacity by making better use of staff and production resources.

The Dimension Solution

With the Dimension 3D Printer, Parvus designers avoided a number of productivity bottlenecks and completed modeling approximately 80 percent faster than using CNC milling.

Ease-of-use was the key to Dimension's success with Parvus engineers, according to CEO, Troy Takach. "Dimension's front-end processing software is almost invisible. We just export the STL file to the 3D printer. We really spend no time figuring out how to get the CAD model into a real part."

"The days of waiting for CNC mills and experienced CAM engineers to build models are over. With Dimension, we're knocking out models at the rate of two to three designs per day. Our design pipeline is fatter than ever."

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