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Balda Helps Customers Get to Market Faster with 3D Printing

“The Objet Eden350V 3D Printer enables us to achieve more effective design communications with our customers.”

— TB Chua

Balda Solutions Malaysia

case_balda_3d_printed_test_product_designsBalda selected the Objet 3D Printer because of its ability to print fine details.

case_balda_3d_printed_test_product_modelsProducing models early reduces the chance of errors.

case_balda_office_picBalda reduced its time to market from three to six weeks.

Full Speed Ahead

Understanding customer requirements and translating them into accurate and realistic concept models under tight deadlines is essential to remaining competitive in the product development process. As a leading Malaysian original design manufacturer (ODM) for global mobile phone companies, Balda Solutions Malaysia understands how critical the concept verification stage is to product development and is strongly committed to providing its customers with maximum value in far less time.

Established over 20 years ago as a plastics company, Balda has since turned its focus to product development. As part of the Balda AG group with manufacturing sites in Germany, China, and India, Balda leverages its worldwide resources to support customer needs for global market reach.

A New Solution

Recently, Balda was looking for advanced equipment to create prototypes for concept modeling, mechanical part assembly testing and other product testing such as mechanical strength testing. The company decided to purchase the Objet Eden350V 3D Printer for a productive, flexible and highly accurate way to create and test product designs with prototype materials that closely mimic the materials that will be used in the final product.

“We were looking for a printer that could produce 3D models with fine details, good mechanical properties and smooth surfaces,” says Frank De Rijk, director of research and development at Balda. “With the Objet Eden350V 3D Printer, we can now create any 3D shape with unmatched precision and accurately reproduce tactile and visual properties. The 3D printer also offers a wide variety of material options, including several different colors, making it the perfect solution for creating in-house product parts for concept modeling and testing.”

High Productivity and High Quality

Balda uses the 3D printer to cost-effectively model high-quality prototypes at the early of stages of the product design cycle. The Objet 3D Printer prints Rigid Opaque, Rubberlike, Transparent and Simulated Polypropylene families of materials, a major advantage for Balda as material flexibility is required to produce prototypes that closely match the properties of the finished part.

“By using in-house 3D printing technology, we have improved communications with our customers and significantly reduced the product design cycle time,” De Rijk said. “We gain from three to six weeks in the concept and proof of concept phases. As a result, we can help our customers get to market faster.”

Enhanced Work Environment

Workplace comfort was also taken into account when purchasing the 3D printer. It was small enough to easily fit into a room at Balda’s production facility, and 3D printed parts can be easily removed from the build tray once printing is completed and all material cartridges are loaded and removed through a front-loading door. With this safe, clean and no-contact way to handle all materials, the Objet Eden350 3D Printer is easy to operate and maintains a productive work environment for Balda employees.

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