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Mahidol University Elevates Model Accuracy and Cuts Costs with Objet 3D Printing

“We are now able to reach the level of precision and reliability we needed for surgical models.”

— Saranat Raibhu, Assistant Professor

Mahidol University 3D Printed Part with printer

The Industrial Service Center at Mahidol University, Thailand, conducts research and provides technological services to various university departments and external industries. Part of the department of engineering, the Service Center is required to deliver highly accurate models and prototypes within tight timeframes and with a limited budget.

In some cases, precision and accuracy requirements are quite challenging. For example, the service center is required to provide highly precise models of human skulls as well as other detailed 3D models of human organs, in order to facilitate learning and research around complex surgical procedures and dental implants.

To handle the diverse requirements for high accuracy and fast turnaround times, Mahidol University purchased Objet Eden260V 3D printer. A compact, officefriendly 3D printer that offers high resolution and a choice of High Speed and High Quality printing modes, as well as support for multiple model materials with different material properties. The Objet Eden260V provides maximum flexibility to achieve the quality required by the university within limited time frames.

High-quality Models at Reduced Costs

“Prior to purchasing the Objet Eden260V, we already owned a 3D printer from a different company, and we evaluated three additional competitive products,” says Saranat Raibhu. “Being an academic institute, budget is naturally a key consideration – both in terms of the initial investment and in terms of ongoing maintenance and material costs. We found that the Objet Eden260V provided us with greater versatility, superior accuracy and reliability – all at a lower cost.”

The Objet Eden260V 3D Printer, based on Objet’s innovative PolyJet technology, provides an easy to use, fast and clean solution for building precise anatomical models. Models produced on the Objet Eden260V have extremely fine details and an outstanding surface finish – ensuring the high degree of accuracy required by the university.

The Objet Eden260V has dramatically reduced the Service Center’s overall costs. According to Mr. Raibhu, direct build costs dropped by 30%, and printer maintenance costs dropped by 90%, thanks to the Objet 3D printer.

Time Savings Across the Board

With multiple student and faculty research projects often running in parallel and ongoing commitments to provide 3D printing services as part of development contracts with technological and industrial companies, time is always tight. The efficient printing capabilities of the Objet Eden260V have reduced model build time by 50% over the Engineering Faculty’s previous 3D printer. This enables faster insight and feedback on design concepts and ensures that the single printer can meet the varied needs of the department.

Furthermore, Mr. Raibhu notes that the Objet 3D printer gets the model right, every time. “The machine and the printer process are more reliable than we had been used to,” he said. “We now have zero need for re-builds due to machine or part failure during the build process.”

“The Objet 3D printer reduced our costs dramatically compared to our previous 3D printing machine.”

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