ULTEM 1010
Composite tooling made from ULTEM 1010 resin.

Ultem 1010 lightweight composite lay-up tool.

High-Strength, Heat Resistant FDM Thermoplastic

ULTEM 1010 resin is the strongest FDM thermoplastic. Possessing high heat resistance and thermal stability, it's able to withstand autoclave operations associated with sterilization and composite fabrication tooling.

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3D Print with the Strongest FDM Material.

ULTEM 1010 resin offers the highest tensile strength and the highest chemical and thermal resistance of any FDM thermoplastic. Available in general-purpose and certified grades, ULTEM 1010 resin uses breakaway support. Certified grade is biocompatible and approved for food contact with NSF 51 and ISO 10993/USP Class VI certifications.


a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

Tensile Strength, Yield

64 MPa (XZ Axis) and 42 MPa (ZX Axis)

Tensile Modulus

2770 MPa (XZ Axis) and 2200 MPa (ZX Axis)


216 °C

IZOD Impact, Notched

41 J/m (XZ Axis) and 24 J/m (ZX Axis)

ULTEM 1010

Up To The Challenge

ULTEM 1010 Resin Provides the Necessary Strength

UTC Aerospace Systems turned to ULTEM 1010 for the strength and heat resistance needed from a 3D printed thermoplastic to replace time-consuming conventional manufacturing methods.

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