3D printed filter prototype looks as if it's been used in an auto shop.


3D print heat-resistant, strong sterilizable parts

Performance, tested under fire. For 3D printed parts that can withstand punishing heat and exposure to chemicals, FDM Technology works with PPSF/PPSU high-performance thermoplastic.

Produce under-the-hood automotive prototypes, sterilizable medical devices, and tooling for demanding applications in-house with PPSF/PPSU material and FDM 3D printing.

3D Printing With PPSF/PPSU

PPSF/PPSU combines excellent heat and chemical resistance and good mechanical strength. It can withstand a variety of sterilization methods including steam autoclaving, radiation and ethylene oxide.

This material’s impressive properties expand what Fortus 900mc 3D Production Systems can do, helping you speed product development, gain testing confidence and reduce risk. PPSF/PPSU works with breakaway support material.

PPSF/PPSU Spec Sheet

PPSF PPSU Spec Sheet

Check out the mechanical, thermal, electrical, environmental resistance and other properties of PPSF/PPSU.

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PPSF/PPSU is a highly heat-resistant FDM material.

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