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3D Printing Resource Guide

Technology-agnostic lesson plans and project ideas

Kick-start meaningful projects and lessons in your learning community, no matter what kind of 3D printer you have.

Complete this form to download Education Resources for 3D Printing. This PDF is packed with links to outstanding educational content.

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With the help of many of our customers’ schools and our Education Advisory Board, Stratasys compiled a list of outstanding teaching and learning resources to help you get more educational value from any 3D printer. The guide is organized into three sections:

Grades K-8

Engage and inspire younger students with 3D printing. Many K-8 lessons go beyond STEM and have cross-curricular connections.

Grades 9-12

Teach higher-order skills like critical thinking and problem solving. Hands-on activities for grades 9-12 are slightly more advanced.

Higher Education

Challenge your students to problem-solve, innovate, and employ design thinking. You'll find advanced content from colleges, universities and software companies.

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