Build Strong Parts in Engineering Thermoplastic

Widely used in automotive, aerospoace and medical, PC’s high tensile and flexural strength make it ideal for demanding prototyping needs, tooling and fixtures, and patterns for metal bending and composite work. Parts 3D printed in PC are tough and heat resistant, ideal for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and production parts.


a chain link graphic that represents strength

Izod impact, notched

73 J/m XZ axis       28 J/m ZX axis

a fire graphic that represents heat

HDT @ 66 psi

138 °C

a chain link graphic that represents strength

Flexural Strength

89 MPa XZ axis      68 MPa ZX axis

a chain link graphic that represents strength

Tensile Strength

40 MPa XZ axis      30 MPa ZX axis


Custom assembly pallet 3D printed in PC.

Custom Assembly Solutions

Oreck reduces production costs by 3D printing in PC

Oreck uses PC thermoplastic to create custom assembly pallets for its commercial vacuum business. Oreck uses FDM extensively to produce prototypes, specialized assembly tools and CNC milling fixtures.

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