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    Preclinical Testing

    Validate device performance on patient-derived 3D printed anatomical models versus existing models such as animals and cadavers. Based on real patient imaging, 3D printed models mimic a variety of tissue properties in a single print. Stratasys Medical 3D Printing Solutions can help you accelerate product development from 3D printed concept models to preclinical testing allowing manufacturers to gain certainty, test anywhere, and mitigate cost overruns.

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    A 3D printed vascular medical model

    Vascular models designed by the Jacobs Institute


    Innovation That Advances Patient Care

    Conduct clinically relevant training anywhere on realistic anatomical models customized for virtually any clinical scenario. Provide a memorable, hands-on experience with customized models that represent specific pathologies and mimic human tissue and bone. Multi-material 3D medical printing creates accurate, versatile models in less time and at a fraction of the cost. 

    a doctor performing a practice surgery on a manekin head made for CBMTI using PolyJet materials and a Stratasys Printer

    Physicians training using model built from real patient imaging


    Rely on Performance


    Medical Manufacturing

    Support clinical trial and early commercial production by increasing production flexibility. At a fraction of the cost of machining, you can additively manufacture functional parts while eliminating medical manufacturing constraints and making production more agile and responsive. Stratasys 3D printing solutions for medical reduce scrap, provide unmatched design freedom, move quickly from prototype to final product, simplify short production runs, and reduce waste and warehousing costs.

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    2 computer monitors that where made using 3D printed parts

    Acist Medical creates production flexibility through additive manufacturing


    Solutions Fit for Each Patient

    Advance medical outcomes one patient at a time. By creating patient-specific models on demand, surgeons can better prepare for procedures and operate with greater efficiency and confidence.

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    A young girl, holding a 3D printed medical model of her own heart that was used for Surgical Planning

    Physicians at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital use 3D models to improve outcomes

    “My team could visualize the operation before we started. We knew the safest approach, and confidently made a smaller incision.”

    Dr. Redmond Burke, Nicklaus Children's Hospital

    Applications Within Medicine

    A person holding a life-like, multi-colored, 3D printed liver made from the Stratasys J750 printer
    Optimize surgical planning with spatially, tactilely, and physically accurate models based on patient scans. Surgical teams can use the 3D printed models to plan therapeutic approaches, and make more efficient use of expensive operating room time.
    doctors performing a practice surgery on a manekin head made for CBMTI using PolyJet materials and a Stratasys Printer
    3D printed multi-material models can replicate the complexity and wide range of patient pathology, making them superior tools for medical education. But how do 3D printed models compare to traditional training methods?
    A 3D printed part from Medtronic made with an FDM material on a Stratasys printer
    Get to market faster with clinically meaningful and marketable products. Use 3D printing solutions to rapidly produce prototypes with the shape, texture, and material properties of any medical device. Test quickly for early feedback and optimize designs for final production.
    A 3D printed medical device print of a vascular models

    The Future of Vascular Care

    Preempt surgical complications

    Jacobs Institute is innovating the future of vascular care by creating operable 3D printed models of real patient vascular pathologies for physician training and surgery prep.

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    a manekin head made for CBMTI for surgical planning, using PolyJet materials and a Stratasys Printer

    Enhancing Physician Training on Complex Procedures

    Neurosurgery Training models

    By replicating the anatomy of diseased patients, CBMTI’s 3D printed models allow physicians to develop the skills needed to treat the most challenging scenarios physicians will face

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    A multi-colored-, mulit-textured, life-like 3D printed section of a head created with the Stratasys J750

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    Receive up-to-date dispatches on patient stories, use cases and real-world applications that showcase the power of 3D printing to improve both economics and clinical outcomes.

    Doctor holding 3D Printed Heart
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