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Comply With HSE Regulations

Need help developing work processes, governance systems, testing and inspection approaches, and personnel qualification that conform to QMS standards? Stratasys Expert Services engineers work collaboratively with your team to enhance existing or to develop new QMS standards tailored to your business.


  • Identify and apply the HSE regulations, standards, and best practices relevant to 3D printing
  • Develop detailed design guidance for engineering controls and safety management systems
  • Assure safety controls and systems are properly implemented
  • Conform to U.S. federal, state, and local regulations and to industry standards

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Dad and two kids looking at 3D printed toys
What Life After 3D Systems Cube Has to Tell Us About Consumer 3D Printing

The key for consumer 3D printer vendors is to closely follow the growth of consumer interest driven by brands and retailers then begin to relaunch their own 3D printer lines and/or partner with leading brands and retailers to develop exclusive brand content partnerships or simply market their 3D printer at a specific market segment.

Dave Hayden

Dave Hayden

Consultant, Stratasys Expert Services

Dave provides technical insight into the broad range of projects we undertake. As a CAD wizard he is also involved in producing AM parts for our clients and enjoys projects that incorporate both electronics and mechanical systems.

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