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Personalized Patient Care

Improve outcomes and reduce time in the operating room

Preparing for a patient’s specific anatomy and clinical needs empowers physicians and staff to operate with confidence.

Operating room time is an expensive, limited resource

When you've only had visibility to a patient's anatomy from the 2D perspective of an MRI, X-ray or CT scan, some scenarios are impossible to anticipate. When things don't go as planned, procedure duration and costs increase, and patient-recovery time may also be lengthened.

Be credibly prepared

Stratasys 3D Printing solutions can help you optimize pre-surgery preparation so you can operate with greater efficiency and certainty.

Improve clinical outcomes using models based on real patient anatomy. With models derived from patient scans, you can refine your therapeutic approach before entering the operating theater. The physical, spatial and tactile benefits of a realistic physical model can boost preparedness and confidence, helping you reduce time in the OR.

Simulate a variety of live-tissue characteristics. Simulate everything from soft tissue and muscles to cartilage and bone in a single print job. You can even incorporate clear materials to get an unobstructed view of hidden tissues and blood vessels.

Personalize surgical kits to patient anatomy. Using strong sterilizable and biocompatible materials, you can 3D print custom molds and cutting guides for more accurate cuts or to shape patient implants prior to a procedure.

Why Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions?

PolyJet Technology

  • Layer resolution of 0.0006 inches (16 microns) for precise details and smooth surfaces.
  • Biocompatible materials.

FDM Technology

  • Layer resolution as fine as 0.005 inches (127 microns) for great accuracy.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

  • Expertise in a range of manufacturing processes.
  • Access to our medical experts

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J750 Medical Ebook

From Faster Medical Device Development to Life-Saving Surgical Planning Models

See how full-color, multi-material 3D printing opens up broad possibilities for medical innovation.

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Groups of closely related organs are 3D printed for medical students to learn.

Better Surgical Planning

Establish a preoperative surgical planning program using patient-specific, 3D printed models.

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Groups of closely related organs are 3D printed for medical students to learn.

Learn Through Experience

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