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Teach a 3D Printing Course

3D Printing is Changing the Nature of Education

Prepare your students for careers being reshaped by 3D printing. Gain access to
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Objet30 Scholar

Objet 30 Scholar - High resolution 3D printer

The Objet30 Scholar is a professional 3D printing solution enabling students and teachers to prototype ideas quickly and create exceptionally detailed 3D printed models or prototypes.

Combining the accuracy and versatility of a high-end rapid prototyping machine with the small footprint of a regular desktop printer, the Objet30 Scholar is perfect for the academic needs of students and teachers, particularly those in STEM disciplines.

Extremely reliable and easy to use, the Objet30 Scholar enables students to quickly model their ideas directly from almost any 3D CAD software. The system features Objet rigid blue 3D printing material that provides excellent dimensional stability and highly detailed models.

Package Components

  • The Objet30 Scholar Professional 3D Printer
  • Rigid Opaque blue material (VeroBlue RGD840)
  • Support material*
  • Desktop Water Jet (support material removal system)
  • Training, maintenance and support
  • Discounted refill package


  • A one-time package for 2 or 3 years
  • No material storage problems
  • On-demand materials, delivered when you need them
  • High resolution 3D printing for simulating the precise look of your students’ intended end product

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