Communiquez des idées, soyez inspirés

Modélisation de concepts

Communiquez des idées ; soyez inspirés

L'impression 3D met le futur est à portée des ingénieurs et des designers : vos idées se matérialisent en un produit fini et unique en quelques heures ou quelques jours.

Grâce à la modélisation des concepts en interne, vous pouvez présenter concrètement votre dernière création, apporter très tôt des améliorations, anticiper les actions de commercialisation et éliminer les défauts susceptibles de s'avérer très coûteux.

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3D printed housing for a video game controller, curvy with cavities

Concept modeling lets small design and engineering firms extend their reach by testing out more ideas and developing only the right projects.

For large companies, concept modeling within departments — or even in individual cubicles — is a way to hone ideas before presenting them to superiors. 3D printed concept models are valuable communication tools, conveying ideas to colleagues, clients and marketers in a way that a computer model never could.

Stratasys FDM Technology provides affordable, durable concept models in production-grade thermoplastics. Office–friendly FDM 3D Printers turn out small models in hours and large models in days. FDM concept models can be drilled, sanded or painted if desired.

Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing technology produces the most realistic models of any 3D printing process. You can incorporate multiple materials into one automated build to create models that look and feel like finished products, with fine details, smooth surfaces, rigid housings, soft-touch buttons, lettering, rubberlike seals and even clear components.

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Silgan Innovates in Package Design

Silgan Innovates in Package Design

Learn how 3D printed concept models improved client communication, fit testing and label design for Silgan.

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