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Getting Your Business Ready for 3D Printing

What happens when you find that great opportunity for 3D printing in your business, but you just don’t know whether it will work out or how to evaluate it? You need a partner who can help you to understand the pros and cons of an investment in 3D printing technology compared to the alternatives. We provide a detailed opportunity evaluation process and look at the technical feasibility and economic viability of using 3D printing as a solution. We help companies like yours to plan for 3D printing adoption through in-house capital investment or through sub-contract supply chain development. Our Strategy Development service includes:

  • Identifying material types
  • Developing a robust cost analysis
  • Development, population, and evaluation of demand matrix for maximum profitability
  • Make-or-buy recommendations
  • Development of a technology procurement roadmap or sub-contractor outsourcing plan


  • Robust evaluation of available technologies and materials allowing rapid technology adoption
  • Identification of what design changes need to be applied to maximize the benefits of 3D printing
  • Justification of internal capital investment on 3D printing technology by seeing the value corporate-wide
  • Understanding the organizational structure, human resources and time scales needed for the internal deployment of 3D printing solutions
  • Access an actionable roadmap for the deployment of 3D printing solutions into the company

3D scan of car for 3D printing
3D Scanning Technology Review

3D scanning has established itself as a significant link in the realignment of the supply chain and design process taking us further forward into the digital era of manufacturing.

Dave Hayden

Dave Hayden

Consultant, Stratasys Expert Services

Dave provides technical insight into the broad range of projects we undertake. As a CAD wizard he is also involved in producing AM parts for our clients and enjoys projects that incorporate both electronics and mechanical systems.

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