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3D Part Designs that Deliver Business Value

Benefit from the design freedom offered by 3D printed parts and solutions while meeting your requirements for functionality, manufacturability, and conformance. Stratasys Expert Services provides the expertise and advanced design services to enable your success.

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Are Your Products Meeting End-User Requirements?

Capitalize on all of the advantages that 3D printing technology can provide. Our experts will work closely with your team to re-engineer an existing product or to create a design for a new product, jig, fixture or tool. We will work with you to create your 3D printing designs by:

  • Defining the engineering design problem
  • Researching and defining the technical requirements for the systems, assembly, and components
  • Creating, selecting and finalizing an optimal design concept


  • 3D printing design data that takes advantage of the greater design freedom of the technology
  • Create 3D printing designs that meet requirements for functionality, manufacturability, and conformance to regulations, standards and technical requirements

Phil Reeves

Dr. Phil Reeves

Vice President, Stratasys Expert Services

From healthcare to warfare, gaming to durable goods, and recreation to education, Phil is at home facilitating innovation sessions that bring business opportunities into focus and working out solutions to fit each specific need.

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