No one has ever 3D printed anything like this before. Is it a missed opportunity or a strategic move?

  • AM Application Validation

Our Expert Services team digs deeply to effectively validate your new additive ideas. Or, help you determine when not to pursue AM. We help:

  • Define and validate your business goals and processes.
  • Select appropriate AM technologies and materials.
  • Assess the market, economic, technical, operational and legal/regulatory feasibility of an AM program for your business.
  • AM Design Optimization

Our team can translate the traditional production of parts and improve the design for additive manufacturing (DFAM). We can assist you in developing AM benchmark samples and provide you with detailed technical briefs on how to repeatedly produce your parts to specification on your own additive manufacturing systems.

Measureable Results

  • Identify the capability deficiencies to your realizing the benefits of AM.
  • The Expert Services team creates a demand forecast and price model.
  • We conduct a valuation analysis to determine increase in enterprise value.

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