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“We'll be designing parts that were not possible to design before, lighter weight and more efficient parts, more beautiful more organic and more natural looking shapes in our everyday objects.”

Diego Tamburini, Manufacturing Industry Strategist, Autodesk

Expert Services

Opportunity Assessment

Need help figuring out how 3D printing fits into your business? Stratasys Expert Services can help. We gain a clear understanding of your strategic imperatives and what external drivers are influencing you. We consider the global megatrends impacting your product portfolio and help you to conceptualize products and services that take advantage of the opportunities you've identified.

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Strategy Development

Which 3D printing technologies, materials and software are right for your business? Stratasys Expert Services helps uncover the true cost of 3D printing ownership and how to calculate ROI, then builds a robust business case for 3D printing adoption. Our strategic plans consider the most appropriate capital investment or outsourcing models and the technology development road map needed to launch a future 3D printed product to the market.

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3D Design Optimization

Do you fully understand the information required in a technical data package for 3D printing? For companies that are already using 3D printing or are just on the cusp of it, we offer expert part and tooling design services to help you exploit the design freedoms this constantly improving technology affords.

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Facility Quality Review

How do you minimize product testing and inspection costs with end-to-end process control? Achieve operational excellence by partnering with our production quality management services to manage your production processes and ensure quality compliance across your 3D printing facilities.

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Health and Safety Review

How can you minimize 3D printing facility costs with an optimal mix of engineering controls and safety management systems? Our safety and environmental management services help you ensure compliance with the latest regulations while maintaining workforce efficiency. We provide peace-of-mind through EHS inspections and facility support services.

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Phil Reeves

Dr. Phil Reeves

Vice President, Stratasys Expert Services

From healthcare to warfare, gaming to durable goods, and recreation to education, Phil is at home facilitating innovation sessions that bring business opportunities into focus and working out solutions to fit each specific need.

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