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ULTEM 9085's high strength-to-weight ratio is ideal for auto, aero and military applications

Functional Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing

Using 3D printing to develop rapid functional prototypes allows you to:

  • Test performance during the development stage much faster and more affordably than traditional methods
  • Refine and perfect your product so you can move to full production with confidence
  • Prove your designs work before committing to costly production tooling
  • Keep your intellectual property in house

For a wide variety of functional prototyping needs, Stratasys has a 3D printing solution for you. 

The Right Technology for the Job

When you need a prototype that can withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress, look no further than FDM technology . Utilizing production-grade thermoplastics like ABS and PC, tough prototypes and custom test fixtures will help take your functional testing to a higher level for superior performance data and certification confidence.

Ideas that require a functional prototype that looks and feels like your next product are custom-suited for PolyJet technology. This technology has the capacity to print multiple materials in one automated build –giving you the ability to prototype products containing soft-touch parts, clear components, living hinges and shock absorption. What’s more, it can print with rubberlike materials in a range of Shore values, so you can experiment with greater freedom and test with unsurpassed realism. And for rapid injection molding tooling, Polyjet is the right technology for the job.

Case Studies and Additional Resources

a volvo truck sitting on a construction site

Schneller und kostengünstiger entwickeln

Volvo Construction Equipment hat dank funktionalem Prototyping mit 3D-Druck seine Entwicklungszeit und -kosten um 90 % reduziert.


Schnellere Markteinführung

Nidek Technologies beschleunigt mit Funktionsprototypen aus dem 3D-Drucker die Auswertung klinischer Studien und die Markteinführung.

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a Fender Truck 3D printed part

Prototypen auf dem Prüfstand

Funktionsprototypen von Kotflügeln aus ULTEM 9085-Kunstharz werden unter wirklichkeitsgetreuen Bedingungen an einsatzfähigen Lkws getestet.

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