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Transform Your Business Across the Entire Supply Chain

Speed. Cost savings. Design flexibility. You know what 3D printing can do. Now imagine implementing it on a greater scale, achieving greater efficiencies, the potential for new applications, and business growth. Whatever your level of investment has been to this point, Stratasys Expert Services helps you understand, incorporate, and leverage the possibilities to do big things with 3D printing solutions.

“We'll be designing parts that were not possible to design before, lighter weight and more efficient parts, more beautiful more organic and more natural looking shapes in our everyday objects.”

Diego Tamburini, Manufacturing Industry Strategist, Autodesk

Expert Services
Phil Reeves

Dr. Phil Reeves

Vice President, Stratasys Expert Services

From healthcare to warfare, gaming to durable goods, and recreation to education, Phil is at home facilitating innovation sessions that bring business opportunities into focus and working out solutions to fit each specific need.

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