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The worldwide Stratasys network includes more than 350 customer-support professionals with knowledge and technical skills in all aspects of FDM and inkjet-based 3D printing technologies.

Local support centers offer responsive, professional service in more than 50 countries and 20 languages.

Helpful Information

To get the most from customer support, please have the following information ready. If you’re troubleshooting, be near the machine if possible.

  • System model and serial number
  • Controller and workstation software build numbers
  • Detailed description of any problem you are experiencing
  • Your partner, reseller or distributor name (if contacting us via email)

For advanced troubleshooting, please provide by email:

  • System CFG file, STL and/or CMB files
  • Detailed photographs showing the issue

We’re Here for You

North America

+1 800-801-6491 (toll free)
+1 952-906-2225
Email: FDM Technology Support
Email: PolyJet Technology Support
Email: Maintenance Contracts
Email: Material Orders

Europe, Middle East and Africa

For technical support:
+49 7229-7772-644
Email: EMEA Support
Email: Maintenance Contracts

Asia Pacific

+852 3944-8888
Email: Asia Pacific Support Info
Email: Maintenance Contracts

Latin America

+1 952-906-2225
Email: FDM Technology Support
Email: PolyJet Support
Email: Maintenance Contracts


PolyJet Support: +972 74-745-4400
PolyJet Materials: +972 74-745-4456
FDM Support: +972-3-9023902
FDM Materials: +972-3-9023902
For general information inquiries: +972 74-745-4300
Email: PolyJet Support
Email: PolyJet Material Orders
Email: FDM Support
Email: FDM Material Orders


+972 74-745-4396
Email: Worldwide Support

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Customer Support

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